About Fia & Mom Sequiturs

I’m a food writer and recipe creator, a stay-at-home mom to an amazing little girl, and married to my favorite adult person in the world.  This blog is my outlet for my parenting-related thoughts and day-to-day life stories as we figure out what the heck we’re doing.

We’re not quite attachment parents, and we’re not quite the other end of the spectrum, either. We borrow what works from the examples we see, and discard the rest. Breastfeeding was a sadly short-lived journey for us; we proudly feed our daughter formula, and are grateful that it exists, because without it, she would have starved. We babywear, but we also have several strollers in the trunks of our cars for when the situation calls for one. We fed purees, but implemented a little bit of baby-led weaning as well. We co-slept until 9 months, but didn’t bedshare (except after the wee-hours feeding, when I didn’t have the energy to put her back in her cot at the foot of the bed.)

We do what works for us, and we hope you’ll take our example — not to do what we did, but to find what works for you, and move beyond this parent-on-parent bullying to nurture small human beings who will one day be as awesome to each other as we want to be.